Question: How did you come up with your farm name, The Waldo Way?

Answer: We used our last name "Waldo" and it is our "Way" of being here on the farm.

Question: What is the expiration date on your milk?

Answer: Pasteurization gave us expiration dates.  In other words, true “raw” milk does not “expire”. It transforms into another beautiful product such as clabber (high probiotic drink or used to bake beautiful breads). The better question is, “how long is raw milk sweet”? Given that we sell out very quickly we do not have milk on the farm long enough for any of it to sour. However, customers report that Guernsey Milk is sweet up to six weeks after their purchase.  

Question: Why is your milk products more expensive than other milk products?

Answer: Guernsey cows are rare and produce a premium milk; nutritionally dense and is always the taste test winner. These cows were never genetically modified and therefore produce quality milk opposed to large quanities (meaning a watered-down milk). The Waldo Way Farms is an experience like no other. You can taste the Guernsey Gold difference!

Question: What is the expiration date on your yogurt?

Answer: According to our yogurt culture packages, yogurts are luscious, creamy and fresh to eat for up to six months.

Question: Can I drink or eat raw milk products if I am lactose intolerant?

Answer: Yes! Rational: Pasteurization destroys lactase, which is needed for most individuals to digest lactose.

Question: What is the difference between pasteurized milk and raw milk?

Answer: Pasteurization destroys 20 percent of the iodine present in raw milk, causes constipation and generally takes from the milk its most vital qualities. Pasteurization destroys part of vitamin C that is naturally found in raw milk and encourages growth of harmful bacteria. In addition, pasteurization turns lactose, the sugar of milk, into beta-lactose. Beta-lactose is more soluble thereby making it more rapidly absorbed. The result; children become hungry again quickly after drinking pasteurized milk. Possibly the worst offense of pasteurized milk; it makes the major part of calcium insoluble. This frequently leads to bad teeth, bones, and nervous troubles, for sufficient calcium content is vital to the development of children; and with the loss of phosphorus also associated with calcium, bone and brain formation suffer.

Raw milk, from a clean farm especially Guernsey A2 milk, is extremely high in absorbable calcium, high in Omega 3 and beta-carotene naturally higher in the “good” fats yet lower in cholesterol.

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Question: How do I get the cream off the top of the milk?

Answer: Best answer: place your milk in a wide-mouth container and skim the cream off the top. The cream will always rise to the top.

Question: What is the watery liquid that separates from the yogurt?

Answer: This clear liquid is what we call “The nectar of the gods”.  This liquid is nutritionally dense and called whey. Please drink, stir into your yogurt, or shake-up in our Real Way drinkable yogurt. Hint: The more you heat milk the more solid, or less whey separates out.  In other words, the more whey you see the higher the nutritional value.  

Questions: Is this an organic farm?

Answer: The Waldo Way, PMA and The Waldo Way Dairy Farm practices traditional farming principles but we do not seek to obtain a cost-prohibitive regulated “organic” certification.

Question: Are your cows grass-fed?

Answer: Grass-fed is the buzzword these days and should be given some of the current farming practices. Our cows are on grass and graze our pastures that have a variety of native grasses such as wheat, rye, oats, etc. (no chemicals) 98% of their day. When we bring them into the barn for milking five minutes out of the day where they are given an all-natural all grass diet. Our rule of thumb: if it is grown in nature and a cow will eat it in nature our farm is okay with offering it to them while they are in the barn. We DO NOT give hormones to increase milk production.

The Waldo Way Farms are proud to serve your families premium raw milk products.