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Aquaponic Lettuce

East Texas Aquaponics
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Our vision

At East Texas Aquaponics, we work hard each day to achieve three transformative goals:

  • Grow—Sustainably cultivate and distribute the most nutritious produce possible
  • Educate—Teach and empower our community to grow safe, healthy food
  • Serve—Help relieve food insecurity for community members in need

We offer aquaponics system tours and classes, as well as support the next generation of farmers through internships.

Our practices

Our 6600-square foot greenhouse and large-scale aquaponics system houses deep water culture (DWC) and media beds that can grow up to 4000 living lettuces and herbs each week. We also grow tomatoes, pappers, cucumbers, and citrus, planted in a range of media and nourished by aquaponics system nutrients. 

  • Our systems continuously improve fertility and environmental diversity.
  • All of our inputs are non-toxic. We do not use pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or herbicides. 
  • We feed our fish a sustainably produced diet designed specifically for aquaponics.

We are converting the rest of our farm into a permaculture food forest that will eventually produce a bounty of organically grown fruits, and vegetables, and nuts.


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